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Chess is a game that involves many aspects of high level cognition and requires sophisticated problem solving skills. However, there is little understanding of the neural basis of chess cognition. This study employed functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to identify cortical areas that are active during the analysis of chess positions compared with a(More)
In a sample of Bedouin-Arab adolescents from monogamous and polygamous families in the Negev region of Israel, the authors examined scholastic achievement levels in the subjects of Arabic, English, Hebrew, and mathematics. There were no significant differences in the scholastic achievement levels in those 4 disciplines between adolescents from monogamous(More)
An arithmetic manipulation of these four equations results in numerical solutions for the three unknowns: π 61 ¼ π 62 ¼ π 63 ¼ 1/3 ¼ .33. These stationary probabilities indicate that Harry would be at any of the three locations with equal likelihood after many steps in the random walk.2 Conclusion If there is a sequence of random events such that a future(More)
And have found that it is complete and satisfactory in all respects, And that any and all revisions required by the final Examining committee have been made. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I want to thank my advisor, Dr. William Bart, without whose support I would never have finished. I also need to thank Dr. Bart for his patience and his willingness to indulge my(More)
77 department. The Graduate School application, GRE scores, transcripts (sent directly from the institution[s]), and TOEFL/IELTS score are sent to the Graduate School. Centers—College centers directed by department faculty include the Institute on Community Integration (ICI), the Minnesota Postsecondary Education Research Institute (Minnesota-PERI) and the(More)