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Chlamydia trachomatis was identified in 37 of 73 consecutive neonates with purulent conjunctivitis, including four delivered by caesarean section with intact membranes. Most (28/37) presented in the first week. Infection was significantly associated with referral from the community. Genital C. trachomatis infection was present in 13 of 35 parents of(More)
Ion mobility-mass spectrometry measurements which describe the gas-phase scaling of molecular size and mass are of both fundamental and pragmatic utility. Fundamentally, such measurements expand our understanding of intrinsic intramolecular folding forces in the absence of solvent. Practically, reproducible transport properties, such as gas-phase collision(More)
This research focuses on generating aesthetically pleasing images in virtual environments using the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. The PSO is a stochastic population based search algorithm that is inspired by the flocking behavior of birds. In this research, we implement swarms of cameras flying through a virtual world in search of an image(More)
  • W. C. Barry, K. M. Baptist, +25 authors J. P. Zbasnik
  • 2002
We present the concepts for a storage ring dedicated to and optimized for the production of stable coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR) over the far-infrared wavelength range from about 200 µm to 1 mm. The 66 m circumference ring will use the ALS injector parasitically and will be located on top of the existing ALS booster synchrotron shielding. This area(More)
We present ideas for a storage ring dedicated to and optimized for the production of synchrotron radiation over the infrared wavelength range from 1-1000 µm. The site for the 66 m circumference ring is atop the existing ALS booster synchrotron shielding. This area provides enough floor space for both the ring and beamlines, and hutches. We plan to operate(More)
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