William B. Vernon

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Synthetic biologists have adopted the engineering principle of standardization of parts and assembly in the construction of a variety of genetic circuits that program living cells to perform useful tasks. In this chapter, we describe the BioBrick standard as a widely used method. We present methods by which new BioBrick parts can be designed and produced,(More)
Binding of the nonionic detergent [3H]Triton X-100 by diphtheria toxin, by the nontoxic serologically related protein crossreacting material (CRM) 45, and by their respective A and B fragments has been studied. If first denatured in 0.1% sodium dodecyl sulfate, all of the proteins with the exception of fragment A bind increasing amounts of Triton X-100,(More)
The Muller F element (4.2 Mb, ~80 protein-coding genes) is an unusual autosome of Drosophila melanogaster; it is mostly heterochromatic with a low recombination rate. To investigate how these properties impact the evolution of repeats and genes, we manually improved the sequence and annotated the genes on the D. erecta, D. mojavensis, and D. grimshawi F(More)
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