William B. Tu

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  • William Tu, Priya Thangaraj, Jui-Hao Chiang, Tzi-Cker Chiueh
  • 2009
A key pillar of enterprise or data center network management is the ability to provide real-time visibility of the configuration and traffic load of the networks under management. More specifically, in general three types of configurational information is of interest to network management tools: 1. Link-layer topology: This shows how switches, routers,(More)
MYC is a key driver of cellular transformation and is deregulated in most human cancers. Studies of MYC and its interactors have provided mechanistic insight into its role as a regulator of gene transcription. MYC has been previously linked to chromatin regulation through its interaction with INI1 (SMARCB1/hSNF5/BAF47), a core member of the SWI/SNF(More)
A cell’s epigenome arises from interactions among regulatory factors—transcription factors and histone modifications—co-localized at particular genomic regions. We developed a novel statistical method, ChromNet, to infer a network of these interactions, the chromatin network, by inferring conditional-dependence relationships among a large number of ChIP-seq(More)
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