William B. S. Pressly

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This paper describes a Tablet-PC based software tool that is designed to allow researchers to effectively and naturally collaborate on time series data that arises in their research. The application is a distributed application that allows the users to browse, annotate, and search their time series data while also allowing them to view the annotations of(More)
This paper describes a software tool that utilizes Google Maps to provide increased safety for students on campus. The software tool, <i>Clemson University Safe (CU Safe)</i> is split up into three modules that can be utilized by technology the student already owns. We present the need for improved safety on campuses, the current state of <i>CU Safe</i>,(More)
In this paper, we describe a system that allows visitors to a college campus to take meaningful self-guided tours. A visitor can use a device that uses a global positioning system (GPS) to display his or her current location. Users can select destinations around campus, and the system calculates the shortest path from the current location to the(More)
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