William B. McKinnon

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Large regions of the jovian moon Ganymede have been resurfaced, but the means has been unclear. Suggestions have ranged from volcanic eruptions of liquid water or solid ice to tectonic deformation, but definitive high-resolution morphological evidence has been lacking. Here we report digital elevation models of parts of the surface of Ganymede, derived from(More)
Jets of water ice from surface fractures near the south pole of Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus produce a plume of gas and particles. The source of the jets may be a liquid water region under the ice shell—as suggested most recently by the discovery of salts in E-ring particles derived from the plume—or warm ice that is heated, causing dissociation of clathrate(More)
The Pluto system was recently explored by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, making closest approach on 14 July 2015. Pluto's surface displays diverse landforms, terrain ages, albedos, colors, and composition gradients. Evidence is found for a water-ice crust, geologically young surface units, surface ice convection, wind streaks, volatile transport, and(More)
Subsequent to its capture by Neptune, Triton could have experienced an episode of tidal heating sufficient to melt its icy mantle and possibly its rocky core as well. This heating would have driven hydrothermal circulation at the core-rock/mantle-ocean boundary. We consider the chemical consequences of this hydrothermal reprocessing on Triton's volatile(More)
Being small, binary, and in a highly unusual orbit, Pluto was long viewed as an enigma in the outer Solar System. Here we review the historical development of ideas concerning Pluto's origin and the origin of the Pluto-Charon Binary. We critically examine these theories in light of both recent advances about Pluto, and with regard to Pluto's broader context(More)
Leslie A. Young, S. Alan Stern, Harold A. Weaver, Fran Bagenal, Richard P. Binzel, Bonnie Buratti, Andrew F. Cheng, Dale Cruikshank, G. Randall Gladstone, William M. Grundy, David P. Hinson, Mihaly Horanyi, Donald E. Jennings, Ivan R. Linscott, David J. McComas, William B. McKinnon, Ralph McNutt, Jeffery M. Moore, Scott Murchie, Carolyn C. Porco, Harold(More)