William B. L. Wong

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OBJECTIVE We explore whether the visual presentation of relative position vectors (RPVs) improves conflict detection in conditions representing some aspects of future airspace concepts. BACKGROUND To help air traffic controllers manage increasing traffic, new tools and systems can automate more cognitively demanding processes, such as conflict detection.(More)
The development of multimedia information systems must be managed and controlled just as it is for other generic system types. This paper proposes an approach for assessing multimedia component and system characteristics with a view to ultimately using these features to estimate the associated development effort. Given the different nature of multimedia(More)
Relevant topics: human-machine interaction, situation awareness, evaluation methods and tools. Abstract We discuss the human role in hydropower system control, noting how it is different from other supervisory control environments and the typical shortcomings in current displays provided to hydropower system controllers. We describe steps towards evaluating(More)
The Department of Information Science is one of six departments that make up the Division of Commerce at the University of Otago. The department offers courses of study leading to a major in Information Science within the BCom, BA and BSc degrees. In addition to undergraduate teaching, the department is also strongly involved in postgraduate research(More)
We describe a work domain analysis of a hydropower plant that operates in the two independent markets, the electricity market and the irrigation market. Based on the results of a work domain analysis, the authors develop configural displays that represent abstract functions of the hydropower system and that are intended as part of an ecological interface.(More)
This paper describes ongoing research directed at formulating a set of appropriate measures for assessing and ultimately predicting effort requirements for multimedia systems development. Whilst significant advances have been made in the determination of measures for both transaction-based and process-intensive systems, very little work has been undertaken(More)
What is robotics research all about? Robotics research has a wide variety of topics –from medical robotics to toy robotics. My main research involves search and rescue robotics using sensors and fault tolerance. The military and many security companies use search and rescue robotics to save and preserve lives. For example, if there is a suspicious cave, one(More)