William B Jaffee

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The major aim of this study was to examine the role of social problem solving in the relationship between personality and substance use in adolescents. Although a number of studies have identified a relationship between personality and substance use, the precise mechanism by which this occurs is not clear. We hypothesized that problem-solving skills could(More)
Although group therapy is the most prevalent treatment modality for substance use disorders, an up-to-date review of treatment outcome literature does not exist. A search of the literature yielded 24 treatment outcome studies comparing group therapy to other treatment conditions. These studies fell into one of six research design categories: (1) group(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy and safety of osmotic-release methylphenidate (OROS-MPH) compared with placebo for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and the impact on substance treatment outcomes in adolescents concurrently receiving cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for substance use disorders (SUD). METHOD This was a 16-week,(More)
OBJECTIVE Bipolar disorder and substance use disorder frequently co-occur. However, little is known about the near-term effects of substance use on bipolar disorder. Thus, the present study tests whether alcohol use precipitates depression among patients with co-occurring bipolar disorder and substance use disorder. METHOD This study uses data collected(More)
Methods for urine drug testing have been available for several decades. These procedures are useful in assessing and identifying substance use in treatment programs, research programs, law enforcement, the workplace, and schools. Despite widespread adoption of such techniques, limited knowledge exists regarding their valid use and interpretation among many(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of adapting the Job Seekers' Workshop (JSW) to a residential setting within a Massachusetts-based substance use disorder treatment agency. METHODS Implementation of the adapted JSW consisted of a continual sequence of three weekly sessions that focused on job interview rehearsals, practice(More)
Adulterants and urine substitutes that are designed to defeat drug tests are readily available and can be easily researched or purchased over the Internet. Utilizing Google, PsychInfo, and Medline, we searched the Internet and psychiatric and medical literature to identify a comprehensive list of products, compounds, and methods of urine tampering, as well(More)
BACKGROUND Integrated group therapy, a new treatment for patients with bipolar disorder and substance use disorder, has previously been found to be efficacious in reducing substance use, but its length (20 sessions) and need for highly trained therapists may limit its adoption in substance use disorder community treatment programs. This paper compares a(More)
BACKGROUND Unemployment is associated with negative outcomes both during and after drug abuse treatment. Interventions designed to increase rates of employment may also improve drug abuse treatment outcomes. The purpose of this multi-site clinical trial was to evaluate the Job Seekers' Workshop (JSW), a three session, manualized program designed to train(More)