William B Ennen

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A quantitative analysis of zone-specific proliferation was done to determine the recovery of adrenal cortical zonation during regeneration after enucleation. Adult male rats underwent adrenal enucleation [unilateral enucleation (ULE)] or sham surgery, both accompanied by contralateral adrenalectomy. At 2, 5, 10, and 28 days, blood and adrenals were(More)
Compensatory adrenal growth after unilateral adrenalectomy (ULA) leads to adrenocortical hyperplasia. Because zonal growth contributions are not clear, we characterized the phenotype of cortical cells that proliferate using immunofluorescence histochemistry and zone-specific cell counting. Rats underwent ULA, sham adrenalectomy (sham), or no surgery and(More)
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