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l f we want a different outcome, we're going to have to do things differently. We're making too little progress doing more of the same thing. T his document is the report of a workshop that convened a group of experts to discuss the recruitment and retention of women in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Graduate Programs. (1) Participants included(More)
This paper investigates the context for the development of one of the earliest microprocessors, the Intel 4004. It considers the contributions Intel employees , most notably Marcian E. " Ted " Hoff, Jr., and Federico Faggin, made and contributions other people made to this development who are not generally known, most notably Tadashi Sasaki and Masatoshi(More)
The issue of IT offshore outsourcing has received significant attention recently. The impression one gets from the media is that many IT jobs are moving away from developed countries. Indeed, the growth of the IT industry in India over the last five years has been nothing less than spectacular. There is no doubt that prospective CS students are aware of the(More)