William Albright

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Five methods to assess percolation rate from alternative earthen final covers (AEFCs) are described in the context of the precision with which the percolation rate can be estimated: trend analysis, tracer methods, water balance method, Darcy's Law calculations, and lysimetry. Trend evaluation of water content data is the least precise method because it(More)
This research was carried out to assess various aspects of nondrug criminal behavior and heroin use. The investigation involved three areas: (1) the temporal sequence of criminal involvement, (2) crimes associated with heroin use, and (3) the impact of treatment upon reducing nondrug criminality among heroin users. These three areas were examined by(More)
Monte Carlo simulations and a combination of site-specific data (e.g., soil properties, climatic conditions, and native vegetation) were used to design alternative (evapotranspiration) landfill covers at Edwards Air Force Base, located near Lancaster, CA. Laboratory analyses of site soils indicated the presence of three distinct surface soils, from which(More)
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