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For 40 years, the debate has raged. Do mammalian cells monitor cell size when deciding whether to divide? More recent models suggest an indirect solution, but the field is far from reaching a final(More)
The scientific literature is exploding in quantity even as it stands still in literary quality. In this brief guide, I suggest a few small steps that the individual can take to make his or her(More)
here are four major types of cell–cell junctions in the polarized epithelial cells of vertebrates. Farquhar and Palade (1963) defined three of them. The history of cell–cell contacts goes all the way(More)
New light microscopy techniques are pushing the limits of resolution to 50 nm and below. Fluorescence microscopy that rivals electron microscopy in resolution but operates on intact cells may be(More)
From nuclear pore to kinetochore uclear proteins are turning up in some odd places lately. First, the nuclear-transport factor Ran was implicated in spindle formation. Then, the mitotic checkpoint(More)