William A. Thornton

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We studied the influence of many variables on the cation-exchange chromatographic determination of glycohemoglobin was minicolumns (HbA1) and with macrocolumns (HbA1a+b and HbA1c). Minicolumns are most sensitive to buffer composition. The best conditions are pH 6.78 and sodium, potassium, and phosphate concentrations of 54.8, and 36 mmol/L, respectively. In(More)
A companion article introduced a set of orthonormal opponent color matching functions. That " orthonormal basis " is an expedient for plotting lights in Jozef Cohen's logical color space. Indeed, graphing the new color matching functions (CMFs) together (as a parametric plot) gives Cohen's invariant " locus of unit monochromats, " or LUM. In this article,(More)
Space Scale, a design of the body mass measurement device (BMMD), was proposed to obtain a lightweight instrument with sufficient accuracy. The main feature of the proposed instrument is the use of a bungee cord that generates a moderate but steady force and a very large displacement during the measurement. Its prime feature is the simple structure of the(More)
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