William A. Thornton

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Evaluation of color-rendering capability of commercial lamps is considered from the point of view of the lampmaker and the typical user, rather than for precision color-matching applications. Only an approximate magnitude of color-rendering capability of a test lamp has meaning for the average user. Only illuminants of superb color-rendering capability are(More)
Space Scale, a design of the body mass measurement device (BMMD), was proposed to obtain a lightweight instrument with sufficient accuracy. The main feature of the proposed instrument is the use of a bungee cord that generates a moderate but steady force and a very large displacement during the measurement. Its prime feature is the simple structure of the(More)
Mass measurements of crewmen and objects were made for the first time in space during Skylab. A description of the new devices designed for such measurements and of the technique of their use is detailed. Results from ground-based chamber simulation tests and from those during Skylab II and III show similar patterns of simple metabolic deficits, of a rapid(More)
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