William A. Stock

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A meta-analysis was conducted of the health/subjective well-being relationship, based upon studies of United States adults published prior to 1980. Dependent variables were zero-order and first-order correlations. A total of 231 zero-order effect size estimates were extracted from 104 different sources, while a total of 189 first-order effect sizes were(More)
The Aurora-A kinase gene is frequently amplified and/or overexpressed in a variety of human cancers, leading to major efforts to develop therapeutic agents targeting this pathway. Here, we show that Aurora-A is targeted for ubiquitination and subsequent degradation by the F-box protein FBXW7 in a process that is regulated by GSK3β. Using a series of(More)
This article interprets subjective well-being within the framework of cognitive theories of emotion. A model consisting of three recurrent components of expressions of well-being--positive affect, negative affect, and cognition--was compared with two variations of models proposed by Liang. Drawing two random samples of persons with minimum age equal to 65(More)
The Philadelphia Geriatric Center Morale Scale, Life Satisfaction Index, and Affect Balance Scale were translated into Castilian Spanish and Catalan. Responses to these scales were obtained by interviews with 151 elderly persons living in Spain. Reliability estimates for the Life Satisfaction Index and the Affect Balance subscales were comparable to those(More)
A construct validation study of life satisfaction was completed with a modified random area probability sample of 325 older persons (M = 73.0, SD = 8.2) residing in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Internal consistency reliability estimates for the Life Satisfaction Index Form Z and both subscales of the Affect Balance Scale were consistent with previous(More)
Recently, Stock and Okun found that self-ascribed handicapped elders, relative to self-ascribed nonhandicapped elders, had significantly lower mean scores on six measures of subjective well-being. Using the same data base, in the present study, we examined whether self-ascribed handicapped status accounted for variance in positive and negative affect, net(More)
Research on aging in general and on cautiousness in adulthood in particular has been plagued by several problems including (a) drawing of samples from the extremes of the adult age range; (b) relying on single criterion variables; and (c) paucity of data on the psychometric properties of scales. In the present study, three measures of risk taking were(More)
Based upon the premise that persons modify their study behaviours in order to maintain their certainty of responding correctly, a study was conducted with 40 undergraduate volunteers examining the effects of different presentation rates and feedback context on response confidence and correct responding. Significant effects in the anticipated direction were(More)