William A. Murray

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Nanosphere lithography (NSL) is a simple, cost-effective, and powerful technique capable of producing large-area arrays of ferromagnetic nanostructures with dimensions below 100 nm. These properties make NSL an attractive process for the fabrication of arrays of magnetic elements with applications in magnetic data storage. The main disadvantage with(More)
We have extended the widely used technique of nanosphere lithography to produce nanosphere templates with significantly improved long-range order. Single, ordered domains stretching over areas greater than 1 cm2 have been achieved by assembling spheres with the correct surface chemistry on a water/air interface. Self-assembly over macroscopic areas is(More)
1979 was the centennial year of light. 100 years ago Edison invented the first practical incandescent lamp. Since then the lamp industry has taken giant steps in developing and perfecting more efficient and diverse light sources. However, the incandescent light source 100 years after its invention continues to keep pace with the industry, providing the(More)
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