William A. Liston

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BACKGROUND The increasing prevalence of obesity in young women is a major public health concern. These trends have a major impact on pregnancy outcomes in these women, which have been documented by several researchers. In a population based cohort study, using routinely collected data, this paper examines the effect of increasing Body Mass Index (BMI) on(More)
Sleep-disordered breathing and snoring are common in pregnancy. The aim of this study was to determine whether pregnancy was associated with upper airway narrowing. One-hundred females in the third trimester of pregnancy were recruited and 50 agreed to be restudied 3 months after delivery. One-hundred nonpregnant females were also recruited. Upper airway(More)
This study aimed to assess the psychological impact of screening for cystic fibrosis (CF) carrier status in a population of pregnant women. A cohort of 1798 women, who accepted the offer of testing before 18 weeks of pregnancy, filled in a self administered questionnaire seeking information on their perceived risk of carrier status and their emotional(More)
56 women who had had proteinuric pre-eclampsia and who had parous sisters were studied. In first pregnancy, proteinuric pre-eclampsia was more common in the sisters than in the maternity hospital population (8/71 [11%] vs 41/1978 [2%]); the relative risk was 6.0. The frequency of HLA DR4 was higher in sisters with pregnancy-induced hypertension than in(More)
BACKGROUND Postpartum hemorrhage is one of the rare occasions when a general or acute care surgeon may be emergently called to labor and delivery, a situation in which time is limited and the stakes high. Unfortunately, there is generally a paucity of exposure and information available to surgeons regarding this topic: obstetric training is rarely found in(More)
A genetic analysis has been made of published and new data on the familial occurrence of severe pre-eclampsia in primigravid women. This has shown that the condition may be largely a Mendelian recessive one. Bcause the condition occurs only in pregnancy, and because susceptible women cannot otherwise be identified, it is difficult to decide whether the(More)
Warfare-related torso/abdominal wounds are often unique and complex and can pose a significant reconstructive challenge. The objective of this manuscript is to report the unique and successful management of a complex warfare-related abdominal wound. A dermal regenerate template in combination with negative pressure wound therapy was used to reconstitute(More)
BACKGROUND To manage the influx of patients with predominately extremity injuries from Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), our center was required to transform from a nontrauma academic hospital to a trauma hospital by using a multidisciplinary approach. STUDY DESIGN A retrospective chart review was performed of casualties from OIF who were received over 14(More)