William A. Hollingsworth

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Metal-binding motifs appear on protein scaffolds throughout nature and are critical for a vast array of functions that span structure, electron transfer, and catalysis. In an effort to reproduce and exploit this activity in vitro, described herein are versatile bacteriophage Qbeta particles bearing metal-binding motifs polyvalently. The three motifs,(More)
The ubiquity of mobile devices has opened new research opportunities for knowledge-based systems. The purpose of this work is to integrate logic programming with description logic reasoning and sensor observation management for mobile devices. Two Prolog libraries were developed, each facilitating access to a different form of external information. One(More)
Each year, publicly incorporated companies are required to file a Form 10-K with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. These documents contain an enormous amount of natural language data and may offer insight into financial performance prediction. This thesis attempts to analyze two dimensions of language held within this data: sentiment and(More)
Heparin is a sulfated glycosaminoglycan that is widely used as an anticoagulant. It is typically extracted from porcine or bovine sources to yield a heterogeneous mixture that varies both in molecular weight and in degree of sulfation. This heterogeneity, coupled with concern for contamination, has led to widespread interest in developing safer(More)
absence of the full disease allele from sperm of Instability of a CAG repeat in 4pl6.3 has affected males, has led to the suggestion that been found in Huntington's disease (HD) repeat expansion may occur during a window chromosomes. Unlike a similar repeat in early in fetal development.2324 the fragile X syndrome, the expanded HD In HD, affected subjects(More)
This thesis describes a method for determining whether a document is composed of text related to a single subject or text that changes subjects. The algorithm involves dividing the document into five equal parts and measuring the similarity of the different sections with one another. Documents that drift in subject are shown to have a higher standard(More)
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