William A Hodson

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Proteoglycans (PGs) and lung hyaluronan (HA) are important components of the lung matrix both during normal development and in response to injury. We combined morphologic and biochemical techniques to study changes in PG and HA in a developmental series of Macaca nemestrina lungs ranging from 62% gestation to 3 mo post-term (n = 16), in adult lungs (n = 6),(More)
To investigate the relative toxicities of inhaled volcanic ash and quartz, we exposed matched groups of rats to either respirable volcanic ash (100 mg/m3), quartz (100 mg/m3), or clean air only for 6 h daily for 10 days. Thereafter, we examined animals sequentially for as long as 9 months, and measured changes in lung histopathologic aspects, air-space(More)
Pressure-volume characteristics and surface tension measurements of the lamb of 120 to 130 days gestational age were typical of the mature lung in the upper lobes and the immature lung in the lower lobes. By term both upper and lower lobes had findings characteristic of the mature animal. Phospholipid concentration per milligram DNA and per cent saturated(More)
To determine the independent effects of sleep state, gestational age, and postnatal age on eucapnic ventilation and steady-state CO2 sensitivity, nine premature (146 +/- 3 days) and eight full-term (168 +/- 2 days) monkeys, Macaca nemestrina, from accurately timed conceptions were studied serially over the first 3 wk of life. Minute volume (VE)/kg,tidal(More)
Previous studies demonstrated that high-frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV) begun at birth limits the development of alveolar proteinaceous edema in premature monkeys at risk for hyaline membrane disease (HMD). We hypothesized that exogenous surfactant combined with HFOV would lead to even further reductions in edema. Twenty Macaca nemestrina monkeys(More)