William A. Gruver

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Clustering is one of the basic data mining tasks that can be used to extract hidden information from data in the absence of target classes. One of the most well-known density based clustering algorithms for processing spatial data is Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Application with Noise (DBSCAN) that uses learning parameters sand minPts to define the(More)
This paper treats the kinematic control of manipulators with redundant degrees of freedom. We derive an analytical solution for the inverse kinematics that provides a means for accommodating joint velocity constraints in real time. We define the motion optimizability measure and use it to develop an efficient method for the optimization of joint(More)
Due to the advents of multi-core CPU and GPU, various parallel processing techniques have been widely applied to many application fields including computer vision. This paper presents a parallel processing technique for realtime feature extraction in object recognition by autonomous mobile robots, which utilizes both CPU and GPU by combining OpenMP, SSE(More)