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A broad spectrum of techniques for electrocardiogram (ECG) data compression have been proposed during the last three decades. Such techniques have been vital in reducing the digital ECG data volume for storage and transmission. These techniques are essential to a wide variety of applications ranging from diagnostic to ambulatory ECG's. Due to the diverse(More)
HYPOTHESIS There is a potential for margin distortion associated with the use of a compression plate in specimen mammography (SM) devices. DESIGN Prospective observational study. SETTING Two tertiary care teaching hospitals. PATIENTS Breast biopsy tissue dimensions were recorded in 15 patients undergoing 18 operations before and after SM (group 1).(More)
The data from several types of bioassays is usually presented as a quotient as an intuitive parameter and a means of comparing results between experiments. For the example we considered here, we look at experiments with an experiment-wide negative control used to generate percent activity quotients from each experimental group. We asked if there was a valid(More)
In this paper presenting bioelectrical signals which are spectrally analyzed for enabling energyquality trade-offs, they are helpful in observing different health problems as those related with the rate of heart. To facilitate such trade-offs, the signals which are processed earlier are expressed primarily in a beginning in which considerable components(More)
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