William A. Andersen

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In case-based planning (CBP), previously generated plans are stored as cases in memory and can be reused to solve similar planning problems in the future. CBP can save considerable time over planning from scratch (generative planning), thus ooering a potential (heuris-tic) mechanism for handling intractable problems. One drawback of CBP systems has been the(More)
As well as being useful for semantic integration of information systems, large shared ontologies may be applied as specifications for new systems. In this paper we discuss the design of Knowledge Bus, a system which generates information systems databases and programming interfaces-from application-focused subsets of a large on-tology (Cyc). The generated(More)
PARKA is a frame-based knowledge representation system implemented on the Connection Machine. PARKA provides a representation language consisting of concept descriptions (frames) and binary relations on those descriptions (slots). The system is designed explicitly to provide extremely fast property inheritance inference capabilities. In particular, PARKA(More)
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