Willi Zimmermann

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Bugmann. 2013. Sustainable land use in mountain regions under global change: synthesis across scales and disciplines. ABSTRACT. Mountain regions provide essential ecosystem goods and services (EGS) for both mountain dwellers and people living outside these areas. Global change endangers the capacity of mountain ecosystems to provide key services. The(More)
In 1999, an international expert team found the neglect of biodiversity issues in Swiss forest policy to be one of its biggest weaknesses. Influenced by this scientific assessment, the Federal Forest Agency developed forest reserve guidelines with measurable objectives in cooperation with the constituent states (cantons). To assess the outcomes of the Swiss(More)
6. External Examiner (for Dissertations only)-NA-7. Expert Comments on the Work and Facility for the Feedback from the Users 8. Abstract of the Work Today, information technology is regarded as crucial for contributing to a country's economic and social development. Trend in globalization, rapid advancement in information technology, evolution of free trade(More)
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