Willi Schwarz

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Insulin binding of monocytes and erythrocytes was studied in untrained male volunteers after 15 min of exhaustive bicycle exercise (EE) and several days later after moderate exercise (ME) for 90 min. Insulin receptor affinity decreased after EE in monocytes (26.4% decrease; P less than 0.01) and in erythrocytes (10.4%; P less than 0.05) with no change in(More)
Bereits drei Monate nach den ersten klinischen Anwendungen der Schwefeläthernarkose im deutschsprachigen Raum erschien die Monographie Die Wirkung des Schwefeläthers in chemischer und physiologischer Beziehung, die Ernst von Bibra und Emil Harless verfasst hatten. Darin wurden die Auswirkungen des neuen Mittels zur Unempfindlichmachung gegen Schmerz auf(More)
Am 24. Januar 1847 führte Professor Johann Ferdinand Heyfelder die erste Äthernarkose an der chirurgischen Universitätsklinik Erlangen durch. 108 seiner Schwefeläthernarkosen beschrieb er detailliert in seinem bereits im März 1847 erschienenen Buch Die Versuche mit dem Schwefeläther. Ebenfalls 1847 wandte er als Erster Salzätherinhalationen zu(More)
Just three months after the first application of sulphuric ether to a patient in german-speaking countries the monography Die Wirkung des Schwefeläthers in chemischer und physiologischer Beziehung was published. In this book Ernst von Bibra and Emil Harless presented their experimental research on the effects of ether on humans and compared it to those on(More)
Paraffin sections of 106 primary thyroid carcinomas were the subject of an immunocytochemical study to determine the density of infiltrates of S-100 protein-positive dendritic/Langerhans cells (LC), lysozyme-positive histiocytes, and LCA-positive lymphocytes. Evidence of dense infiltrates of LCs was found only in the majority of papillary thyroid carcinomas(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We performed a case-control study to investigate whether chronic or recurrent respiratory, ear-nose-throat (ENT), and dental infections are risk factors for cerebrovascular ischemia. METHODS Using a standardized questionnaire we investigated past infectious diseases in 166 consecutive patients with acute cerebrovascular ischemia and(More)
The present study was initiated by controversial findings in earlier reports dealing with immunoglobulin levels in serum and saliva of psoriatic patients. Daily fluctuation and salivary secretion rate were considered additionally. Starting at 8.00 h the immunoglobulins IgA, IgG, and IgM were measured by laser nephelometry in serum and parotid saliva of ten(More)
In this open pilot study, the potential therapeutic efficacy of Cyclosporin A (CsA) in systemic sclerosis (scleroderma) was investigated. Eight patients with severe scleroderma (skin manifestation and at least three organ manifestations such as pulmonary, intestinal, cardiac, renal, and severe hypertension) were included in the study. CsA administration was(More)
Compared to non-involved controls, an up to tenfold elevation o f thyroidstimulating hormone (TSH) in the sera o f patients with Raynaud ' s disease was reported recently (Surwit et al. 1980). To distinguish Raynaud ' s disease as a "morbus sui generis" f rom early stages o f other pr imary diseases with Raynaud-l ike symptoms is rather problematic. Often(More)
In recent years, Holzmann et al. [1] have substantially contributed to the discussion on basic pathomechanisms of psoriatic disease by biochemical studies culminating in demonstration of an intraand extracellular deficiency of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in patients suffering from psoriasis. Since DHEA, an important steroidal precursor of androgens and(More)