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OBJECTIVE To determine the risk of lung cancer associated with exposure at home to the radioactive disintegration products of naturally occurring radon gas. DESIGN Collaborative analysis of individual data from 13 case-control studies of residential radon and lung cancer. SETTING Nine European countries. SUBJECTS 7148 cases of lung cancer and 14,208(More)
We investigated the relation of overweight and obesity with cancer in a population-based cohort of more than 145 000 Austrian adults over an average of 9.9 years. Incident cancers (n=6241) were identified through the state cancer registry. Using Cox proportional-hazards models adjusted for smoking and occupation, increases in relative body weight in men(More)
Epilepsy is a devastating condition with a considerable increase in mortality compared to the general population. Few studies have focused on cause-specific mortality which we analyse in detail in over 4,000 well-characterized epilepsy patients. The cohort comprised of epilepsy patients ≥ 18, treated between 1970 and 2009 at the epilepsy clinic of Innsbruck(More)
INTRODUCTION Data on the survival of all incident cases collected by population-based cancer registries make it possible to evaluate the overall performance of diagnostic and therapeutic actions on cancer in those populations. EUROCARE-3 is the third round of the EUROCARE project, the largest cancer registry population based collaborative study on survival(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to update an in-depth analysis of the time trend for prostate cancer (PCA) mortality in the population of Tyrol by 5 years, namely to 2008. In Tyrol, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests were introduced in 1988/89; more than three-quarters of all men in the age group 45-74 had at least one PSA test in the past(More)
BACKGROUND Recent meta-analyses revealed an association between type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and cancer. The strongest relationship was demonstrated for liver and pancreatic cancer, followed by endometrial cancer. We aimed at assessing the association between T2DM and cancer specifically for Tyrolean patients. METHODS We investigated cancer incidence(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to analyse breast cancer incidence and mortality in Tyrol from 1970 to 2006, namely after performing more than a decade of opportunistic mammography screening and just before piloting an organised screening programme. Our investigation was conducted on a population level. METHODS To study time trends in breast cancer(More)
HLA-A2-restricted T cells show peptide-specific activity against cytomegalovirus and leukaemia cells. We retrospectively analysed the influence of donor cytomegalovirus serostatus on the outcome of 103 consecutive patients who had leukaemia and who received bone-marrow transplants from HLA-identical sibling donors. We found that donor cytomegalovirus(More)
BACKGROUND In Tyrol, Austria, the existing system of spontaneous mammography screening was switched in 2007 to an organised program by smoothly changing the established framework. This process followed most EU recommendations for organised mammography screening with the following exceptions: women aged 40-49 are part of the target population, screening is(More)
BACKGROUND Efficiency and efficacy of organised mammography screening programs have been proven in large randomised trials. But every local implementation of mammography screening has to check whether the well established quality standards are met. Therefore it was the aim of this study to analyse the most common quality indices after introducing organised(More)