Willi Mayerthaler

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Usually, the development of an information system (or some part of it) starts with an requirements elicitation, collection and analysis phase that results in a set of natural language requirements specifications. These then serve as a source for the phase of conceptual design where a semantic model of the given universe of discourse is established using(More)
Abstractions like generalization and aggregation (part-ofions like generalization and aggregation (part-of relationship, component-object relationship) are substantial concepts for managing complexity in information systems design. In this paper we concentrate on the disambiguation of the component/object relation in contrast to possession and attribution(More)
This paper reports some recent results on the extraction of conceptual design knowledge out of natural language requirements. In particular we will focus on determining the cardinalities of relationships and attributes based on natural language sentences. This is done by a speciic linguistic approach called NTS ("Nat urlichkeitstheoretische Syntax") and by(More)
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