Willi Müller

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Over the last few decades, the co-operativebanking sector in Germany has steadily increased its market share at the expense ofother types ofbanks. This outcome is surprising from the standpoint oftraditional economic thinking about co-operatives, which suggests that they are most appropriate for “backward” economies. We develop a model ofco-operative banks(More)
BACKGROUND Oral anticoagulants like the coumarin derivatives are characterised by a particularly narrow therapeutic range. Any interfering co-medication can pose a challenge to establishing a stable anticoagulant dosage regimen and thus present a serious risk for the patient. Here we describe two cases of patients on anticoagulant therapy that suggest(More)
We propose a new way of eyes-free interaction for wearables. It is based on the user's proprioceptive sense, i.e., rather than seeing, hearing, or feeling an outside stimulus, users feel the pose of their own body. We have implemented a wearable device called Pose-IO that offers input and output based on proprioception. Users communicate with Pose-IO(More)
The X-ray tomograms of 13 patients with tumors in the facial nerve canal are discussed. The leading clinical symptom is the peripheral facial nerve palsy without recovery, often combined with deafness and dizziness. The X-ray film shows opacity, widening of the internal auditory canal and/or of the third part of the facial nerve canal, further erosion of(More)
Unzufriedenheit mit den traditionellen Ausbildungsmethoden in der endoskopischen Chirurgie führte zur Entwicklung eines Arthroskopietrainingssimulators, der Computergraphik und Techniken der Virtuellen Realität (VR) einsetzt. Basierend auf einem kernspintomographischen Bilddatensatz konnte mit Hilfe von Bildverarbeitungsmethoden und(More)
Interferograms of plane parallel optical flats are hard to interpret when acquired with coherent illumination because of the complex fringe pattern resulting from the superposition of three main contributions, namely from the reference surface and the front and back sample surfaces. We illuminate the sample by a field of high temporal and specially tailored(More)
Es wird gezeigt, daß der Wirkungsgrad des M. fibularis longus auf das Quergewölbe und auf das laterale Längsgewölbe des Fußes abhängig ist vom Vorhandensein oder Fehlen besonderer Beziehungen seiner Sehne zu den Muskeln des Kleinzehenballens, zum M. interosseus dorsalis I, zum Caput obliquum m. adductoris hallucis, zu den oberflächlichen Zügen der Ligg.(More)
Es wird ein Fall beschrieben, der das klinische Bild der disseminiereten Encephalomyelitis bot und dessen anatomisches Bild weitgehend mit den nach Masern und Vaccination beschriebenen Encephalitiden übereinstimmt. Besonders dürfte unser Fall dadurch charakterisiert sein, daß er 1. im höheren Lebensalter aufgetreten ist, 2. daß eine vorwiegend cerebrale(More)
Experiments with more than one 1000 samples of CSF were carried out in order to develop a method for maintaining and observing CSF cells under tissue culture conditions. The observations of viable, fixed and stained cultures at different times of the incubation period were evaluated and recurring morphological and reactive patterns of these cells documented(More)
In conclusion, this investigation disclosed that in 1965 the risk for the population of Lower Franconia with regard to tick bites was highest in the area of the Main River Valley in the South-Spessart and the hillsides of the Steigerwald. There was a seasonal peak in early spring which was related to average weather conditions when ticks are most widespread(More)