Willi Müller

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BACKGROUND Oral anticoagulants like the coumarin derivatives are characterised by a particularly narrow therapeutic range. Any interfering co-medication can pose a challenge to establishing a stable anticoagulant dosage regimen and thus present a serious risk for the patient. Here we describe two cases of patients on anticoagulant therapy that suggest(More)
We propose a new way of eyes-free interaction for wearables. It is based on the user's proprioceptive sense, i.e., rather than seeing, hearing, or feeling an outside stimulus, users feel the pose of their own body. We have implemented a wearable device called Pose-IO that offers input and output based on proprioception. Users communicate with Pose-IO(More)
We describe three different methods of calibration of quantitative immunohistochemistry, two of them based on self-made dye-agarose or antigen-agarose substrates. Quantification of immunostained objects (immunosignals) can be done by (1) microscope photometry (plug method) or scanning-photometry; (2) and densitometry of a television transformed microscope(More)
The contribution of C-14 to radiation exposure in the biosphere can be significant as compared to that of other radionuclides disposed in a repository for low-level radioactive waste. The release pathways of C-14 and processes relevant to its release from a closed final repository for low-level radioactive waste are discussed. Because a conservative(More)
The star test is a useful tool for fast visual inspection of the aberrations of micro-objectives during final adjustment. One of its most valuable properties is that it permits instantaneous observation of the effect of adjustments of lens groups, for instance, the shifting element during on-axis coma adjustment. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to(More)
We demonstrate TrussFab, an end-to-end system that allows users to fabricate large-scale structures that are sturdy enough to carry human weight. TrussFab achieves the large scale by complementing 3D print with plastic bottles. It does not use these bottles as "bricks" but as beams that form structurally sound structures, also known as trusses, allowing it(More)
Interferograms of plane parallel optical flats are hard to interpret when acquired with coherent illumination because of the complex fringe pattern resulting from the superposition of three main contributions, namely from the reference surface and the front and back sample surfaces. We illuminate the sample by a field of high temporal and specially tailored(More)
Traditional methods for obtaining data to conduct gender studies may be cumbersome because, usually, data are obtained manually through questionnaires. However, this poses challenges in conducting such studies on a large scale. Thus, available studies using traditional methods often provide analysis only at country level. In this paper, we explore the use(More)
Gender differences is a phenomenon around the world actively researched by social scientists. Traditionally, the data used to support such studies is manually obtained, often through surveys with volunteers. However, due to their inherent high costs because of manual steps, such traditional methods do not quickly scale to large-size studies. We here(More)