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Pulse trains with only 2 ps in width and low root-mean-square timing jitter of 220 fs are demonstrated from fine tunable monolithic 40-GHz laser integrated circuits on GaInAsP-InP. The repetition rate is tunable within 500 MHz by changing only the gain current and the absorber voltage. Simultaneously, the small pulsewidths are kept constant and the timing(More)
We demonstrate monolithic InP-based high-power high-speed waveguide integrated single and balanced modified UTC photodetectors. The single PD chip generates maximum RF output power levels of 8.9 dBm to 5.1 dBm in the frequency range between 60 GHz and 120 GHz. The balanced PD chip has a 3 dB-bandwidth of 80 GHz and(More)
1.5/1.3 /spl mu/m transceiver-photonic integrated circuits (PICs) with in-line and Y-junction architecture including a 1.3-/spl mu/m wavelength-selective photodetector building block have been fabricated. The characterization of a first Y-junction module in a test bed is presented.
1.55-/spl mu/m InGaAsP-InP multi-section DFB lasers with an integrated phase tuning section have been fabricated. It is shown for the first time that the self-pulsation can be electrically switched on and off by adjusting the phase current. Reproducible self-pulsation characteristics from device to device are achieved in this way.<<ETX>>
This paper presents a brief review of waveguide integrated balanced photodetectors for coherent receivers and describes some of their recent progresses. Waveguide integrated balanced photodetectors and balanced photodiodes (PD) monolithically integrated to InP-based coherent receiver photonic integrated circuits (PIC) are discussed. On one hand, the devices(More)