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Active dispersal of oribatid mites into young soils
Soil organisms contribute considerably to soil formation, fertility and microstructure of young soils. Oribatid mites as a part of the soil mesofauna are able to colonize young soils within a fewExpand
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Offenhaltung durch Feuer
Das Brennen war in Mitteleuropa bis in die erste Halfte des 20. Jahrhunderts fester Bestandteil verschiedener Landnutzungssysteme (Abel 1962, Goldammer et al. 1997). Nach dem Ende dieser Formen derExpand
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Transient fires useful for habitat-management do not affect soil microfauna (testate amoebae)—a study on an active military training area in eastern Germany
Abstract Military training areas may provide valuable habitats for endangered organisms highly specialized to open landscapes. On an active military installation in eastern Germany, small short firesExpand
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Slow-moving soil organisms on a water highway: aquatic dispersal and survival potential of Oribatida and Collembola in running water
Background Oribatida and Collembola are an important part of the soil food web and increase soil fertility by contributing to the recycling of nutrients out of dead organic matter. Active locomotionExpand
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Revision of the Australian millipede genus Pogonosternum Jeekel, 1965, with descriptions of two new species (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae)
The southeastern Australian millipede genus Pogonosternum Jeekel, 1965 is revised. Pogonosternum nigrovirgatum (Carl, 1902), P. adrianae Jeekel, 1982 and P. laetificum Jeekel, 1982 are redescribed;Expand
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Respiratory adaptations to a combination of oxygen deprivation and extreme carbon dioxide concentration in nematodes
To examine physiological adaptations to the two combined stressors O2 deprivation and extreme CO2 concentrations, we compared respiratory responses of two nematode species occurring in natural CO2Expand
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Soil Organisms - an international open access journal on the taxonomic and functional biodiversity in the soil.
Biodiversity change and the identification of the underlying drivers are in the focus of ecological research and public and political debate (IPBES 2019). Soil biodiversity has thus far rarelyExpand
Offenhaltung durch mechanische Bodenfreilegung
Binnendunen, Silbergrasfluren und Calluna- oder Zwergstrauchheiden werden auf aktiven Truppenubungsplatzen durch den militarischen Ubungsbetrieb mit Radund Kettenfahrzeugen bzw. Feuer (s. Kap. 3.5)Expand
FRANKFURT, DRESDEN, GÖRLITZ, MÜNCHEBERG: Senckenberg: Its Zoological Collections and Their Histories
Today, Senckenberg’s collections, comprising some 38 million specimens, support a vast research enterprise. Although it is sometimes forgotten, these collections are crucial for day-to-day scientificExpand