Willi Bernhard

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This article describes how a manufacturing system with working people can be modeled and simulated, wherein the focus is on the organizational processes of the people itself. Explanations are based on a real model, which was made for a Swiss Company producing weaving machines. The model described includes the assembly part where seven people with different(More)
In Switzerland, roundabouts enjoy a large and growing popularity. As a self-organizing system, they replace more and more the traditional traffic light systems. This article focuses on the modeling and simulation of a double tracked roundabout near Lucerne (Switzerland). The simulation results were used for decision purposes; in order to find out whether a(More)
This article describes the concept of a knowledge-based assistant (MASTER) for speeding up simulation projects. It is able to simulate and optimise whole enterprises of the types: discrete part-manufacturing, continuous process-manufacturing and service-companies. It consists of well proven, powerful software-packages, all of them are commercially(More)
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