Willems Hermann

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Chlamydophila (C.) abortus is the causative agent of ovine enzootic abortion with zoonotic potential whose epidemiology has been held back because of the obligate intracellular habitat of the bacterium. In the present study, we report on a molecular typing method termed multiple loci variable number of tandem repeats (VNTR) Analysis (MLVA) for exploring the(More)
Natural killer (NK) cells have been obtained from mouse spleens and grown in vitro. These cells: retained cytotoxicity against YAC targets; and were homogeneous as judged by morphology and surface markers. The alpha-naphthol acetate esterases (ANAE) and diisopropyl-fluorophosphate (DFP)-binding proteins of NK cells, YAC cells and NK-YAC conjugates have been(More)
A sensitive technique of non-isotopic in situ hybridization (NISH) is presented, which permits the detection of human growth hormone (hGH) mRNA in routinely formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded transgenic mouse tissues and human post mortem pituitaries; the latter were used as positive tissue controls in this study. In addition, a double staining procedure(More)
1. The uptake of 3H-(±)metaraminol (MA) by tissue slices or pieces was studied in vitro in several peripheral rat organs of varying density of sympathetic innervation (the tissue level of endogenous noradrenaline ranging from 1.7–99.1 nmoles/g). In each individual tissue preparation amine uptake was corrected for entry into the 14C-d-sorbitol space. 2. When(More)
Cytochemical investigations have associated acid inorganic trimetaphosphatase (TMPase) activity with the lysosomes of certain cell types. We have used the modified staining technique of Berg to show that this enzyme activity is present in normal mononuclear phagocytes and macrophage cell lines. We have found this enzyme activity to be present in murine(More)
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