Willemien Schurer

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This paper discusses the current care management arrangements for colorectal cancer (CRC) in 16 OECD countries plus the Russian Federation by analysing data sources, the uptake of screening and surveillance, the available capacity in endoscopy services, the treatment pathways in medical treatment, as well as the type and availability of pharmaceutical care.(More)
PURPOSE In healthy children who exercise in the heat, the addition of flavor, carbohydrate, and 18 mmol x L(-1) NaCl to water induced a major increase in voluntary drink intake compared with the intake of unflavored water. This increase was sufficient to prevent voluntary dehydration. We hypothesized that, to achieve a similar effect in children with cystic(More)
Cancer is now the primary cause of death in the Netherlands, with colorectal cancer (CRC) being responsible for a significant portion of cancer incidence (14%) and mortality (11.8%) in men and women. An aging population and the possibility of national CRC screening, currently under discussion, will likely increase this burden. Despite switching in 2006 to(More)
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common forms of cancer and is a substantial health burden in most developed countries, with high incidence and mortality in combination with moderate survival. It is often diagnosed late due to the absence of screening programmes, lack of knowledge about symptoms and/or a reluctance to seek medical help once the(More)
The Role of Funding and Policies on Innovation in Cancer Drug Development P Kanavos, PhD, Senior Lecturer in international health policy, R Sullivan, PhD, MD, Chairman, G Lewison, PhD, MD, W Schurer, MSc, Research Officer, S Eckhouse, Chief Projects Officer, Z Vlachopioti, MSc, Research Assistant LSE Health, Department of Social Policy, London School of(More)
This paper explores the current situation of colorectal cancer (CRC) management in the UK. Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death in the UK, and the second and third leading cause of new cancer cases in women and men, respectively. These figures have increased over the past decade and, coupled with poorer survival rates compared to the(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes is becoming of increasing concern in Spain due to rising incidence and prevalence, although little information is known with regards to costs and outcomes. The information on cost of diabetes in Spain is fragmented and outdated. Our objective is to update diabetes costs, and to identify outcomes and quality of care of diabetes in Spain.(More)
The model for the glomerular filter presented here is based on the relationship between basement membrane collagen and fibrillar collagen. The glomerular basement membrane collagen is produced by the epithelial cell and present on its surface in a staggered organization as in fibrillar collagen. Binding and aggregation of the collagen molecules with a(More)
This paper provides an overview of cancer management, particularly with respect to colorectal cancer (CRC), in Germany. The information presented reflects findings from the peer-review literature and government documentation, as well as interviews with cancer and CRC specialists. Topics such as epidemiology, expenditure, CRC screening, pharmaceutical and(More)
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