Willem P. van Hoorn

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Compound subsets, which may be screened where it is not feasible or desirable to screen all available compounds, may be designed using rational or random selection. Literature on the relative performance of random versus rational selection reports conflicting observations, possibly because some random subsets might be more representative than others and(More)
BACKGROUND We collected data from over 80 different cytotoxicity assays from Pfizer in-house work as well as from public sources and investigated the feasibility of using these datasets, which come from a variety of assay formats (having for instance different measured endpoints, incubation times and cell types) to derive a general cytotoxicity model. Our(More)
The Pfizer Global Virtual Library (PGVL) is defined as a set compounds that could be synthesized using validated protocols and monomers. However, it is too large (10(12) compounds) to search by brute-force methods for close analogues of a given input structure. In this paper the Bayesian Idea Generator is described which is based on a novel application of(More)
Fragment Based Drug Discovery (FBDD) continues to advance as an efficient and alternative screening paradigm for the identification and optimization of novel chemical matter. To enable FBDD across a wide range of pharmaceutical targets, a fragment screening library is required to be chemically diverse and synthetically expandable to enable critical decision(More)
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