Willem N. Welvaart

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This manuscript will focus on a rare complication: shunting through a patent foramen ovale (PFO) as a long term complication of right sided pneumonectomy or bilobectomy. Three patients who were diagnosed with shunting through a patent foramen ovale following lung resection are described. In these patients right ventricular compression by the elevated right(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS To evaluate wire-guided localization for nonpalpable breast cancer regarding procedure and surgery-related outcome in a nonteaching community hospital in the Netherlands. MATERIAL AND METHODS A consecutive series of 117 patients who were treated with breast-conserving surgery after wire-guided localization for nonpalpable breast cancer(More)
Recent studies proposed that mechanical inactivity of the human diaphragm during mechanical ventilation rapidly causes diaphragm atrophy and weakness. However, conclusive evidence for the notion that diaphragm weakness is a direct consequence of mechanical inactivity is lacking. To study the effect of hemidiaphragm paralysis on diaphragm muscle fiber(More)
RATIONALE Postoperative pulmonary complications are significant contributors to morbidity in patients who have undergone upper abdominal, thoracic, or cardiac surgery. The pathophysiology of these complications might involve postoperative inspiratory muscle weakness. The nature of postoperative inspiratory muscle weakness is unknown. OBJECTIVE To(More)
Introduction. Recent work revealed the development of marked muscle fiber weakness in the diaphragm, but not in the non-respiratory latissimus dorsi, during thoracic surgery. To disentangle the molecular processes that underlie the development of diaphragm muscle fiber weakness during thoracic surgery, we studied changes in the gene expression profile.(More)
Wound complications following surgical resection in patients treated with neoadjuvant chemoradiation therapy are common and can be a difficult problem to manage. Negative pressure dressing technology appears to be safe and effective in the treatment of radiation-associated wound complications and can be used in the outpatients clinic setting. The presented(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the possibilities and outcomes for hip and femoral fractures treated with the universal Holland nail((R)). DESIGN Retrospective study from November 1998 to December 2001. SETTING Department of Traumatology, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam. SUBJECTS 112 patients with 115 fractures of the proximal femur and/or the femoral shaft, due(More)
Diaphragm eventration or paralysis causes elevation of the ipsilateral diaphragm. Some patients have symptoms. The most common symptom is dyspnoea. In symptomatic patients with unilateral diaphragm paralysis and dyspnoea disproportionate to the degree of physical activity, diaphragm plication is the treatment of choice to relieve dyspnoea. We report on our(More)