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Socioeconomic and climatic changes are expected to alter the current land-use patterns in the Netherlands. In order to study these uncertain developments and propose adaptation and mitigation strategies to cope with the possible changes in the physical and societal environment a set of future scenarios is developed. These scenarios integrate possible(More)
The quality of Dutch nature reserves is threatened by high nitrogen input, a problem which to a large extent is caused by agricultural activities. The Dutch government intends to solve this by designating some areas where the emission level is allowed to increase and other areas where the emission level will have to decrease. Theoretically, this problem can(More)
Climatic changes are expected to have important implications for land-use patterns, especially in coastal areas and river basins. Land use, on the other hand, also influences the climate through its impact on, amongst others, atmospheric composition and terrestrial radiation. The complex interrelated land use/climate system is thus receiving extensive(More)
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