Willem Kersing

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Left vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) by means of an implanted electrode has proven to reduce seizure frequency in epileptic patients with medically refractory seizures. This technique is now widely applied over the world. Voice changes appear to be one of the major side effects. The morphodynamic changes in the larynx and the acoustic impacts have been(More)
OBJECTIVES The reliability of objective measurements on digital laryngeal images was investigated. METHODS The magnitude of the error of measurement of surface areas by visually tracing the outline was determined for three different areas: the area of the lesion and, during vibration, the glottal area on maximal opening of the vocal folds and the glottal(More)
A survey is given of histological and histochemical aspects of mammalian thyroarytenoid musculature of several animal species. Purpose of the study is to find out in what respect the possibility of differentiated and prolonged sound production can be found back in the histological and histochemical properties of mammalian thyroarytenoid musculature. The(More)
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