Willem K. B. Hofstee

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To integrate the 5-dimensional simple-structure and circumplex models of personality, the Abridged Big Five Dimensional Circumplex (AB5C) taxonomy of personality traits was developed, consisting of the 10 circumplexes that can be formed by pitting each of the Big Five factors against one another. The model maps facets of the Big Five dimensions as blends of(More)
1. DEFINING QUALITIES By assessment I mean the attribution of a quality or qualification Q to a person or object P by judges or assessors B. Assessments constitute an important and consequential part of human discourse. Moreover, much of the data in the social and behavioral sciences consists of assessments, rather than measures in any strict sense. The(More)
The present research investigated how individual differences in Extraversion and Agreeableness affect cooperation in an experimental resource dilemma. Manipulated feedback indicated either that the common resource was being used at a sustainable rate or that it was being rapidly depleted. As predicted, Extraversion was generally negatively related to(More)