Willem Hendrick Gispen

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Voluntary locomotor training as induced by enriched housing of rats stimulates recovery of locomotion after spinal cord injury (SCI). Generally it is thought that spinal neural networks of motor- and interneurons located in the ventral and intermediate laminae within the lumbar intumescence of the spinal cord, also referred to as central pattern generators(More)
We here report isolation of exon 1 and analysis of the human B-50 promoter. A human genomic λEMBL3 library was screened with a homologous PCR probe. Two independent clones were analyzed and partially sequenced: They contained up to 5 kb sequence upstream of the translation start site and approx 13 kb of intron 1 sequence. There was a high degree of homology(More)
The three Nobel laureates Arvid Carlsson, Paul Greengard and Eric Kandel have made pioneering discoveries concerning slow synaptic transmission between neurons. As common theme, for which the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2000 is given, the Nobel Assembly chose 'signal transduction in the nervous system'. The work of Carlsson led to the(More)
It has been hypothesized that changes in the phosphorylation of synaptic membrane constituents (proteins and lipids) may affect transmission in certain types of synapses. In this paper some of the recent evidence that neuropeptides like ACTH may bring about their behavioral activity by influencing brain protein and lipid phosphorylation is reviewed. An(More)
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