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It is well known that a Severi–Brauer surface has a rational point if and only if it is isomorphic to the projective plane. Given a Severi–Brauer surface, we study the problem to decide whether such an isomorphism to the projective plane, or such a rational point, does exist; and to construct such an isomorphism or such a point in the affirmative case. We(More)
We consider the algorithmic problem of computing Cartan subalgebras in Lie algebras over finite fields and algebraic number fields. We present a deterministic polynomial time algorithm for the case when the ground fieldk is sufficiently large. Our method is based on a solution of a linear algebra problem: the task of finding a locally regular element in a(More)
 We consider the algorithmic problem of computing Levi decompositions in Lie algebras and Wedderburn–Malcev decompositions in associative algebras over the field of rational numbers. We propose deterministic polynomial time algorithms for both problems. The methods are based on the corresponding classical existence theorems. Computational experiences are(More)
In this paper we illustrate some simple ideas that can be used for obtaining a classification of small-dimensional solvable Lie algebras. Using these we obtain the classification of 3 and 4 dimensional solvable Lie algebras (over fields of any characteristic). Precise conditions for isomorphism are given. Solvable Lie algebras have been classified by G. M.(More)
abstract We present an algorithm for computing the dimensions of higher secant varieties of minimal orbits. Experiments with this algorithm lead to many conjectures on secant dimensions, especially of Grassmannians and Segre products. For these two classes of minimal orbits, we also point out a relation between the existence of certain codes and(More)