Willbrord Kalala

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Specific targeting of drugs to the colon is recognized to have several therapeutic advantages. Drugs which are destroyed by the stomach acid and/or metabolized by pancreatic enzymes are slightly affected in the colon, and sustained colonic release of drugs can be useful in the treatment of nocturnal asthma, angina and arthritis. Treatment of colonic(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the role and possible contribution of private drugstores in sexually transmitted infection (STI) management in rural Tanzania. METHODS A cross-sectional study that included drug sellers in private drugstores in eight districts of Tanzania. Data collected through interviews with drug sellers and the simulated client method presenting(More)
BACKGROUND Studies indicate that antibiotics are sold against regulation and without prescription in private drugstores in rural Tanzania. The objective of the study was to explore and describe antibiotics sale and dispensing practices and link it to drugseller knowledge and perceptions of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. METHODS Exit customers of(More)
Health workers in Tanzania struggle to provide adequate health care for populations with high maternal, neonatal, and child mortality and high prevalence of communicable and non-communicable diseases. There are longstanding shortages of staff and resources. Universities are training more health professionals and revising curricula to be sure that staff have(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the usefulness of the malaria fact card as a health educational and communication tool in Dar Es Salaam. METHODS A prospective consumer survey pilot study on the malaria fact card, a health educational and communication tool was carried out between January and February 2004 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Parameters studied include(More)
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