Willaschek Christian

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Formalin-fixed tissues from 65 prostates were grouped and investigated by the technic of mixed cell agglutination reaction (MCAR) for studying isoantigens A, B and H. The results of this study indicated that the MCAR was strongly positive at the epithelium of the acini in the majority of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia. On the other hand,(More)
We examined the CT-scans of 310 patients with epilepsy and found a cerebellar atrophy (CA) in 56 cases. 8 of them concerned the cerebellar hemispheres and 48 the vermis. The CA was predominantly observed in patients treated with phenytoin, who had experienced one or more phenytoin intoxications. The combination of phenytoin and carbamazepine resulted in a(More)
Aging, by definition, constitutes a biological process rather than a disease. The resulting functional deficiency in transmitter-metabolism is the basis of deviations in the electroencephalographic patterns. In general, the EEG exhibits greater variability in the old age than in the middle decades. The most important characteristic of the EEG in the aged is(More)
Hyaline deposits in arterioles and arteries of spleen were studied immunohistochemically. Hyaline lesions in arteriosclerotic heart disease were characterized by significant deposits of IgG, IgM, beta1C-beta 1A-globulins and beta-lipoproteins. These corresponded to histochemically stained deposits of acid mucopolysaccharides and microscopic areas of(More)