Willard J. Fisher

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Silages prepared from pure stands of ryegrass, alfalfa, white clover, and red clover over two successive year were offered to lactating dairy cows in two feeding experiments. Proportional mixtures of all cuts prepared in a yr were used to ensure that the forage treatments were representative of the crop. Additional treatments involved mixtures of grass(More)
We used 48 Holstein-Friesian cows to investigate the effects of altering energy and protein supply to dry cows. Cows were fed one of three diets for 6 wk prior to parturition: (a) a 60:40 (DM basis) mixture of grass silage with barley straw ad libitum; (b) grass silage ad libitum; or (c) 0.5 kg/d of prairie meal with grass silage ad libitum. The standard(More)
In the first of 2 experiments, 40 dairy cows were used to evaluate the milk production potential and concentrate-sparing effect of feeding dairy cows a basal diet of pea-wheat intercrop silages instead of perennial rye-grass silage (GS). Dairy cows were offered GS or 2 intercrop silages prepared from wheat and either Magnus peas (MW, a tall-straw variety)(More)
This study used individual weekly results for 160 non-lactating Holstein-Friesian dairy cows in the last 5 weeks of gestation to develop regression equations based on forage NDF content and individual body condition score (BCS) for predicting dry matter (DM) intake. Results were used from treatments in which cows received the same forage and no concentrates(More)
This experiment evaluated different strategies for allocating first-cut grass silages to dry dairy cows that had low body-condition score (BCS) at drying off. A total of 48 moderately yielding Holstein-Friesian cows were used, receiving one of three dietary treatments in the dry period and a single lactation diet based on a flat-rate of concentrates and(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate the use of red clover (RC) silage as a forage for dry dairy cows, primarily relative to its impact on tissue mobilization and repletion during the transition period and performance during the first 10 wk of lactation. Forty multiparous lactating Holstein-Friesian dairy cows were divided into 2 paired groups at(More)
D. Bisherlge experimentelle Ergebnisse. Die vorgetragene Be~achtungsweise ha t bereits auf verschiedenen Gebieten zu neuen experimentellen Ergebnissen geffihrt und dadurch ihre Brauchbarkei t einwandfrei erwiesen. Einige der schdnsten Ergebnisse auf diesem Gebiete verdanken wit V. M. GOLDSCHmDT und Mitarbeitern*, der bei dem Studium des Zusammenhangs(More)