Willam Ortiz

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Functional chloroplasts from photoheterotrophic Euglena gracilis can be isolated in isoosmotic gradients of 10–80% Percoll. The chloroplasts display rates of CO2 dependent O2 evolution and CO2 fixation of 30–50 μmol mg-1 chlorophyll h-1 or 25–35% of the net O2 evolution by the whole cells and appear to be strikingly different from spinach chloroplasts in(More)
Photosynthesis, the conversion of light energy into chemical energy, is a critical biological process, whereby plants synthesize carbohydrates from light, carbon dioxide (CO2) and water. The influence of gravity on this biological process, however, is not well understood. Thus, centrifugation was used to alter the gravity environment of Euglena gracilis(More)
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