Willam McKinnon

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Psychological stress has been shown to affect immune system status and function, but most studies of this relationship have focused on acute stress and/or laboratory situations. The present study compared total numbers of leukocytes and lymphocyte subpopulations (determined by flow cytometry) and antibody titers to latent and nonlatent viruses among a group(More)
Thirty-two long-term survivors of childhood leukemia who were followed up at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Hospital were evaluated with a battery of 17 neuropsychologic tests. These tests were selected to assess the development of cognitive skills and functions associated with brain impairment in children. Statistically significant differences were(More)
The regulation of chondrogenesis and of the genes expressed as markers of chondrocyte differentiation is poorly understood. The hyaluronan-binding proteoglycan aggrecan is an essential and specific component of cartilage, but the aggrecan proximal promoter is expressed in an unregulated fashion in vitro. DNA comprising the rat aggrecan gene (83 kb including(More)
Effects on sexual arousal of unemployment and acute stress were studied in men. Ten unemployed (high-chronic-stress) and 9 employed (low-chronic-stress) men were exposed to two erotic videotapes in the laboratory. Acute stress was induced by telling the men that they would have to give a talk on their own sexual behavior and fantasies. Half the men were(More)
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