Willam Crist

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A total of 156 dairy cows was randomly assigned to one of four groups at drying off over an 18-mo period: untreated control or intramammary treatment of each mammary quarter with either 400 mg novobiocin, 300 mg cephapirin, or 1 g dihydrostreptomycin with 1 million units penicillin. Quarter foremilk samples were aseptically collected from each cow within 1(More)
PURPOSE To describe clinical and pathologic characteristics and outcome of patients with renal sarcomas. PATIENTS/METHODS The IRSG database includes newly diagnosed patients <21 years old with rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) or undifferentiated sarcoma (UDS). We identified patients with renal sarcoma and reviewed their charts. RESULTS Ten of the 5,746 eligible(More)
Efficacy of an iodine backflush system for reducing new intramammary infection was tested in two 11-wk trials. Forty cows in each trial were paired by breed, age, stage of lactation, and intramammary infection status. Each pair was assigned randomly either to a group milked with clusters that were reverse flushed with water, 25 ppm iodine, water and air or(More)
One hundred-fifty diarymen in north-eastern Ohio, whose herds had a history of persistently high Wisconsin Mastitis Test scores, were invited to participate in this project, with 43 agreeing to do so. These dairymen were divided into two experimental groups and one control group to determine the effectiveness of two intensities of educational effort on(More)
A time and motion study was conducted at 13 small dairy farms with average herd sizes less than 100 cows. Parlors were configured with 3 to 6 stalls per side. A data acquisition methodology was developed using a video camera to gather work routine time data in the parlors. A computer-based data logger was used to extract individual event durations during(More)
The efficacy of an acrylic latex barrier teat dip with germicide on new infections at parturition was tested on 113 cows and heifers during the prepartum period. A split udder design was used in which right quarters were undipped controls and left quarters were dipped with latex dip once daily for approximately 14 d prior to parturition. Distal streak canal(More)
In a field trial, effects of prepartal intermuscular injection of 10 million units of vitamin D3 on incidence of milk fever were examined both in relation to intake of calcium and phosphorous during the dry period and previous history of milk fever. Based upon intake of calcium and phosphorus cooperating herds were grouped as feeding: 1) greater than .53%(More)
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