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Na2SeO3 supplementation in the ageing medium could protect aged erythrocyte ghosts from decreases in lipid fluidity, Na, K-ATPase activity, and sensitivity to ouabain. Results also showed that Se could obviously prevent the dissociation of spectrin from the erythrocyte membrane. Furthermore, Se could markedly promote the reassociation of spectrin with the(More)
  • F Y Yang, W H Wo
  • Scientia Sinica. Series B, Chemical, biological…
  • 1986
The content of binding-Se in erythrocyte membrane may affect its structure and function. Decrease in Se content will lead to a lower activity of Na, K-ATPase and lipid fluidity in ghosts, and a marked increase in Na, K-ATPase activity as well as lipid fluidity of erythrocyte membrane was observed by supplementation of low concentration of Na2SeO3 (0.03-0.3(More)
ien Open Season at Hiram; Team Has Spirit, Lacks Experience "We have some really fine individual wrestlers who can pull us through the season with a winning record. However, we are definitely going to be hindered by a lack of depth and experience." This is how wrestling coach Joe Garcia evaluates his 1964-1965 matmen who open their season this Saturday in(More)
The effects of gossypol-acetic acid (a male contraceptive) on transmembrane fluxes of sodium and potassium in human red cells were studied, in comparison with the effects of ouabain (an inhibitor of Na+-K+-ATPase) and furosemide (an inhibitor of Na+, K+ cotransport). It was found that gossypol may be an inhibitor of outward (Na+, K+) cotransport in human(More)
  • W H Wo, F Y Yang
  • Scientia Sinica. Series B, Chemical, biological…
  • 1986
During the ageing of erythrocyte membrane, the spectrin content, Na,K-ATPase activity as well as the lipid fluidity are obviously decreased. However, supplementation of a trace amount of Na2SeO3 in the medium could prevent the dissociation of spectrin from membrane and delay the changes of Na,K-ATPase activity and lipid fluidity. The effectiveness is(More)
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