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Web 2.0 applications place new and different demands on servers compared to their Web 1.0 counterparts. Simultaneously, the definitive arrival of pay-as-you-go “cloud computing” and the proliferation of application development stacks present new and different degrees of freedom in deploying and tuning software-as-a-service. We first identify non-obvious(More)
There have been few attempts to assess the validity of occupational histories obtained from interviews. A nested case-control study of lung cancer conducted in 1985 among a cohort of 19,608 male workers at a Texas chemical production facility provided such an opportunity. Telephone interviews were attempted with 308 lung cancer patients and 588 matched(More)
The mortality experience of 371 employees assigned to acrylamide monomer and polymerisation operations was examined with particular emphasis on cancers at sites identified from animal studies such as the central nervous system, thyroid gland, other endocrine glands, and mesotheliomas. A total of 29 deaths was observed up until 1982 (38.0 expected). No(More)
Mortality was updated through 1982 for 611 arsenic-exposed employees originally studied through 1973. In the earlier report, total mortality was observed to have been below the comparable U.S. population; however, mortality was significantly elevated for respiratory cancer. The focus of the update was on respiratory cancer and of special interest was(More)
Cause specific mortality was surveyed among 37,682 male employees with three or more days of service between 1940 and 1982 at the Midland or Bay City, Michigan, locations of Dow Chemical USA. Vital status was ascertained through 1982 for 97.5% of the cohort members, and death certificates were obtained for 97.1% of the 7,751 decedents. Comparisons of(More)
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