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From Slaves to Prisoners of War
The Meanings of Conversion: Treaty Law, State Knowledge, and Religious Identity among Russian Captives in the Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Empire
This article examines the role of religious conversion in the rules worked out, on paper and in practice, between the Ottoman and Russian empires for the return of captives following their frequentExpand
Lawless Wars of Empire? The International Law of War in the Philippines, 1898–1903
Writing for his fellow military officers in early 1903, United States Army Major C.J. Crane reflected on the recent Philippine–American War. The bloody struggle to suppress an insurgency in theExpand
The Last Train to Montparnasse
Those Left Out
War and Captivity
The Other Muslim Bans
This Article addresses and critiques the case for state-level legislative bans on courts citing “Islamic law” or the law of Muslim-majority countries. In particular, the Article reviews the mostExpand