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A clash of internationalizations: New Zealand and the Bologna Process
ABSTRACT In this paper we examine the normative and strategic impact of the Bologna Process on the New Zealand University system. We argue that, from a normative perspective, Bologna has not resultedExpand
Asia/Europe/Australia dialogue: building knowledge from each other’s experiences
This special issue of the Asia Europe Journal focuses on a triangulated conversation between scholars working in/on Asia, Europe and Australia. The essays showcase the work of early careerExpand
Big Data and the Stock Market: Distilling Data to Improve Stock Market Returns
In our modern competitive market, businesses are seeking efficient and innovative platforms to remain profitable and prepared, especially in the uncertain world of the financial stock market. OneExpand
The Role of Disruptive Innovation, Personality Characteristics, and Business Models on Entrepreneurial Success
Disruptive Innovation, according to the term’s founder Clayton Christensen, is defined as a specific type of innovation that is able to capture the lower-end of the market through quality, feature,Expand
National Policies for the Internationalisation of Higher Education in New Zealand: A Comparative Analysis
Research has observed an ever-increasing emphasis which is placed on the international dimension in higher education. This thesis is particularly interested in the question, why internationalisation?Expand