Will Robinson

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— We present a specification language and algorithms for the online and offline monitoring of synchronous systems including circuits and embedded systems. Such monitoring is useful not only for testing, but also under actual deployment. The specification language is simple and expressive; it can describe both correctness/failure assertions along with(More)
This paper presents a framework designed to ease the process of building GUIs for software productivity tools in Eclipse. This framework provides a general system with which external tools may display graphs and trees within Eclipse and may link these displays to source code. In addition, our framework can retrieve information from Eclipse, passing it back(More)
We present the results of a group interview of choreographers aimed at understanding their conceptions of how movement can be used to in live performance. This understanding intended to inform research into full body interaction for live performance and other more general full body interfaces. The results of the interview suggest a new way of conceiving of(More)
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