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OBJECTIVES To study the attitudes of health care staff in four postcommunist countries towards taking gifts from their clients--and their confessed experience of actually taking such gifts. DESIGN Survey questionnaire administered to officials including health care staff, supplemented by focus-group discussions with the general public. SETTING Ukraine,(More)
This paper seeks to continue a program of research that explores the possible relationship between exposure to media messages and paranormal beliefs. Following the work of Sparks, Nelson and Campbell (1997), who reported the results of a random sample survey taken in 1994, this study reports the findings of a second random sample survey taken in the same(More)
The usability of high-resolution satellite imagery for estimating spatial water quality patterns in urban water bodies is evaluated using turbidity in the lower Charles River, Boston as a case study. Water turbidity was surveyed using a boat-mounted optical sensor (YSI) at 5 m spatial resolution, resulting in about 4,000 data points. The ground data were(More)
The large volumes of data from open and sensitive sources require today’s analysts to perform a difficult balancing act. Analysts must be able to extract pertinent facts from the data flow while not discarding other important information. The categorization and organization of data and searches for information are often dependent upon the individual analyst(More)
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